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Fiction - Best Seller

by Amor Towles | Can a nobleman under house arrest in this grand hotel still feel alive?

Non-Fiction Contemporary

by Thomas Nail | Ever wonder what drives migration and how to better understand the cycles?

Non-Fiction Pol. Science

by David M. Watry | Did you know that Dwight Eisenhower wanted to end the Korean conflict with a nuclear bomb?

Non-Fiction Self Help

by Danial A. Miller | Know how to let go of things out of your control and accept life and people as is?

Non-Fiction Energy Analysis

by Andrew T. Price-Smith | Ever wonder why Saudi Arabia is our ally and Iran isn't?

Non-Fiction Humorous

by Dave Wanzcyk | Have you ever wondered how a blind person can play baseball?

Fiction - Mystery

by Louise Penny | Will the elderly monk reveal hidden clues to the French Canadian police?

Non-Fiction Political

by Jeffrey R. Wilson | Wilson's Shakespeare and Trump compares the behaviours of Shakespeare's well known tragic characters to Trump's political tactics - and their consequences to our nation.